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Revival is not about how many people you pack into
a church building, but how effectively you impact the
community around you.
So how do you change a city that has been influenced
by every form of crime,drugs,violence,and sexual perversion?

The Adopt-A-Block program is God's heart expressed
through our lives to the community God has given us.
The Adopt-A-Block ministry is not just about giving
away food to feed the hungry.
It's about impacting people's lives. It's about being
the eyes and ears in the community to find the hurts
and needs of the people.

Adopt-A-Block allows us to minister 3 times a week
to different neighborhoods in the "warzone."
Our trucks usally consist of bread,fruit,linens,and
candy for the kids.

More importantly, many of the people we minister to
have come to accept Christ as a result of the
Adopt-A-Block program, and many of them continue to
be regular members of our church.


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