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Azusa Christian Faith and the Albuquerque Dream Center
Azusa Christian Faith A/G


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Simply Living in Christs' Example

Being a teenager can be such a struggle
this day in age.

Sex,Drugs,and Rock and Roll is the standard
teens are pressured to live up to.

In New Mexico 2 of 5 girls will get pregnant
before they turn 20.
64 percent of high school students will "binge
drink," before they graduate high school.
42 percent of high school students have
reported"occasionally" using
illegal substances.

So...What does that say about this

And what if you want to be different???

We believe that this generation of young
people can change the world,
all they need is a chance.

We want to get young people involved in all
of our ministries. We use Bible studies and
activites to help teens realize that
Simply Living in Christ's Example
Is the only way to live.